Made me really roar!

By February 24, 2016DarkSide
roar rooooaaar

A fan made me roar?

Received a message on Facebook. A gentleman in Vietnam asked a very curious question, that made me roar.

I saw your image “Rooooaaar!” on a website and wanted to know if you sell the vector file, because I wanted to print it big for my office wall.

Now, as soon as I read the vector part, bells started ringing. It’s happened in the past with many clients. He didn’t want to have my image on his wall. He wanted an editable file that he could manipulate and do new things with. I stated in a reply, “No, but you could always commission me to do you a bigger version.

He didn’t reply to that, but my suspicions were answered when a new reply came through.

Do you sell any of your artworks in hire-res vector files?

I’ve learnt to laugh about these things.

Artwork can be seen here!

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