I wanted to ask, as many companies never send feedback on DMCA complaints, are they successful, and how do we know they are successful?

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Thanks for the question Rob.

The simple truth is that DMCA is a tricky law to administer. Many aspects of it can come down to personal interpretation. Such as the derivative term used commonly these days. What one person can class as an infringement someone else may not see the same. Even though all these terms are defined in the law. The law is then interpreted by judges, in court, or by qualified/unqualified representatives at the companies the claim is filed to.

Sending a DMCA does not mean automatic success. The best way to get a better result from your DMCA takedown is to follow some simple guidelines. Luckily we just published a post about this. You can find that here!

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Just keep in mind that a) certain countries ignore DMCA, b) the more original your work, the better the chance of success, c) registering helps more than not registering, but by law, making an official publication should be enough.

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