First of all I would like to thank you for this helpful and informative website! I was wondering how many keywords/tags are really making sense on POD sites? Some of them don’t have any limit at all and I’m not really sure if the effort is worth is. Thank you in advance for your answer!

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Hi Romina

Thanks for the question.

It’s a little hard to answer in an exact way really, as each POD site has their own method and limits for keywords. also, keywords are different when working in the site than working for search criteria; such as Google. To start with that, as I have been advised, Google will only really index the first 15 or so keywords. And, as one would expect, it will be more productive to order them in the order of importance. So, it would be something like this #first_important #second_important and so on. So if you were doing an image of snow on the mountains, it would be #mountain #snow (then if you have spare at the end, do duplicates mike #mountains).

Regarding POD sites, it also depends on their search algorithm they are using. Take for example Society6. Regardless of their keywords and totals, some artists are favoured and are placed in search results above actual keyword results, regardless of having the keyword or not. But in a sense, you should add as many appropriate keywords as possible. Some opportunities simply apply hundreds of vaguely connected keywords hoping that will work, but it’s counter productive.

Some POD sites also have the variation in account types, so as an example ImageKind allows for ten keywords as a free user, but pro has unlimited. But it should be said that the same principles apply. Don’t flood your works with unnecessary keyword. On a final note it should be pointed out that Fine Art America has an amazing uploading system. It literally takes the data for the metadata in the image. So if you fill in the XML fields correct in the File Info panel in Photoshop, there is no need to do any other work at FAA, than simply uploading the image.

Hope that helps solve the problem. Sorry we could be more definite, but as I said each POD site is a different beast unto itself.

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