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Interviews: The biggest conversations that seems to go around, in the art circles, apart from the obvious ones, are about art theft and intellectual property theft. Artistic License wanted to tackle the usual chats by talking to artists about this in a slightly different way. To discuss their art, but at the same time say how it has been affected by the internet and image theft. Here is what they have to say.

Hear what they have to say!

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And I’ve contacted people who have infringed on my work only to have them react in a hostile manner!

Anita Kunz

No seriously, I would ask them to think how they would feel if I came into their lives and took something they worked hard on and freely made money from it, without caring about the affect on me.

Rob Snow

On occasion, infringers contact me to rant about the takedown. I send them a link on copyright myths and usually never hear back.

Cindy Schnackel

It is difficult to make a living from being illustrator or artist, so it really hurts when you see that others take advantage in an illegitimate way of your own work.

Cédric Duarri D’Haene

There has to be a way to educate the world about not stealing intellectual property.

Maria Papaefstathiou

Stealing someone’s work is like stealing someone’s life.

Nikolas Drossos

I was furious that someone would steal my idea but that they were that incredibly lazy to not develop an original idea.

Andrew Lewis

In all cases they claimed ignorance and removed it.

Arthur Benjamin

When your work is used for something you haven’t given permission for, it makes you feel like you have lost control.

Alex Cearns

She was not ashamed at all. Her sister even had the cheek to tell me that I should feel flattered by this.

Laëtitia Guilbaud