DMCA artistic license

HostGator TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

HostGator is an online Hosting site and Service Provider. It is probably one of the better known ones, and currently listed as number one. It is host to a great deal of websites that seem to be located outside of the USA, but are in fact (DMCA wise) inside the USA. Their takedown page is standard form pages that needs to be completed. The takedown form can be found here! They do not provide an alternative email address, so the form is the only course of action!



The first section of the form is the standard contact details that are typically associated with any DMCA takedown form. You simply need to fill in the details and move onto the next section of the form, for the details of the infringement.


This section at the top that relates to your actual work, has a brief description associated with it, as it allows for a multitude of possible scenarios for the information give. Mainly s the hosting company can host a variety of different type of sites. The first two boxes however, are for the links to your authorised work, and the description with unique identifiers, so that a determination of vanity can be made on the claim.

Then you can list as many site locations as possible to direct them to the infringement. After that it is a simple case of ticking the two boxes of legal authorisation and then a date of signature and a digital signature. Once you have done all that, you simply press “Submit“. That’ your takedown request done and sent, good luck!!