DMCA artistic license

Dribbble TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

Dribbble is an online portfolio site, much the same as BeHance, but the slight difference of being invite only based. Oh, and having a load of basketball referencing. They also use the site to share work offers and details of competitions, jobs, etc. Their takedown page is part of their contact form. They do also have a page describing the procedure to send an email to their designated copyright agent. That page can be found here. The takedown form can be found here! If you simply want to instigate an email directly, click here!


As soon as you go to the contact page you are treated wit a simple pulldown menu that gives you several options. one of the options is to make a copyright claim, through “Copyright / Trademark Violations“. So, as this is what we want to do, then we simply select that option. Once you select that menu item the page expands out into a set of notes about the DMCA process and policy, and the standard form that needs to be filed. The First section of the form is pretty much standard contact information. This is required in a DMCA for allowing the companies involved in the complaints to be in full communication with the complaining party. It doesn’t mark in the fields that they are required, but they are so fill them all in.


After that comes the legal copyright complaint stuff. The first box seems to indicate you can leave it empty if you are not representing someone other than yourself. Either way, leave it or add your own name. Then the next box is a link to the validated and official location of your work. This should be located either on your own website, or on a site like a recognised portfolio site, such as Behance. It needs to be somewhere that can be proven that you own the artwork.

Then after that you simply need to give a brief description of the work. it should include some valid aspects of the work that are unique identifiers. For example, you don’t put a black cat image. You should put a black cat illustration, with the cat sitting tall with a set of yellow eyes and a blue cravat. Under that location you can add the link or links (on separate line), of the infringing work. This is obviously from the Dribbble site. Finally they have the standard legality part of declaring the validity of the claims, in the form of two statements. After that, you add your electronic signature and you are all done. You can press ‘Send Message‘. That is all. Good luck!