DMCA artistic license

Wanelo TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

Wanelo is an online social sharing networking site, in a vague similarity to Pinterest. The name is an acronym for “Want Need Love”, and the site is targeted to selling activity over everything else. It allows you to create stores and advertise products found over the web. You may find someone on the site using one of your images as a profile image or even adding a link to a store item that is a counterfeit of your own artwork, without your permission. Their takedown page is simply not that (it is even a very confused statement about the entire support for DMCA), it is part of their Terms of Service page. This is one of the hardest takedown processes to go through. Basically what they are asking you to do is to send them an email about the abuse. The best thing to do is to send a written version of the DMCA takedown request, not just an normal email. If you do wish to proceed with this method, then you will need to fill out a DMCA document which can be found here! Now Wanelo doesn’t provide an email to their DMCA request options. The takedown form can be found here! They do provide an email address for direct contact, which is here!