DMCA artistic license

StumbleUpon TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

StumbleUpon is an online discovery engine site. As the name suggests, it acts like a search engine but can randomly find or find based on criteria, pages of interest on the web. You can then bookmark these and refer to them. Like any search engine you can ask them to remove a link stored in their database so people don’t ‘stumble upon’ it. Their takedown page is simply not that, it is part of their Contact page. There is nothing official about the contact form ini regard to DMCA regulations, but they do provide the opportunity to add a file to the contact. It does state a screenshot, but there is nothing stopping you rapping a PDF file of a DMCA form or a ZIP file of both  the Screenshot and DMCA takedown. If you do wish to proceed with this method, then you will need to fill out a DMCA document which can be found here! Now StumbleUpon does provide an email to their support options. So, for a speedier process and result use this service. The takedown form can be found here! If you simply want to instigate an email directly, click here!


The only thing to be aware of in their contact form is to select StumbleUpon instead of their ads, unless you see your work featured in an ad on their site. All the rest is a standard contact form, and you can make comments in the message about your claim, as well as state that the attached file is a DMCA clai