DMCA artistic license

500px Takedown Process

500px is a premium photographer’s portfolio site. Enabling artists to share and exhibit their works in a creative environment. 500px of late has been  focus on several exploits that have seen people taking work from 500px and sharing it as their own. On that note the process is a completely different aspect, but in case you ever find someone setting up an account here that has your photographs or in fact your art on their account, then this is the easy process to get it sorted. The takedown form can be found here!

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The first screen you see is the notification of the compliance with the DMCA regulations and the fact that this form is a legal document regarding any claim of infringement against a fellow account holder. Simply press “begin” and the form will be loaded. Each section is whited out until you fill in or scroll down the form. There are ten parts and each has to be completed to allow the form to be sent

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As you will see with the images, the process and information is very easy to complete. The first option is to type in your name. As is states, you need to add your legal name. This is what appears in your passport or ID.

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Here, on the second part, regardless of if you are registered to take under that name, you simply type in the name that you work under; i.e: John Doe Photography

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The third part is to click on the ‘A’ button that claims you are the copyright holder.

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The fourth part is to simply add your contact email. Add the one that you use when relating to work based inquiries.

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This section is very much self-explanatory. It actually gives an example in the field process, which is; “The photograph of the black widow spider with red spots was taken by John Doe. A link to this photo in his portfolio can be found here at this URL:” This is where the original work is place. Your work on your site. This could be a 500px profile page or an external site.

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This section is where you place links or ID markers to the infringing works. Each should be on a new line, if you are adding more than one.

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This section (section 7) is not actually required, but if you feel you have any extra information that can be used to help support your claim then you can add the information here. Best policy is to be cool headed and polite.

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The final two boxes are the mandatory acceptance of the legal aspect of the form sending of a DMCA takedown. You simply click on the ‘Yes‘ option for both.

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And finally, the digital signature aspect of the form. You just type in your name here, and once done, you press the ‘OK‘ button. It’s that simple. You are all done! Good luck.

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