DMCA artistic license

Useful Tools

The simple truth is fighting theft on the internet is a very difficult, if not insurmountable task. We should know, We’ve had years of experience. This page will add some of the known tools, websites and tips available to help making your work on the delivery of internet based art interaction a little more comfortable.

Reverse Image Search Engine Tools



Pixsy is a German based Reverse Image website that is top of the list in this websites books. You simply request an account, link image sites you own, or upload images and they deliver comprehensive search results on a cycled basis. You can then decide to submit a claim if you feel confident. Website here!

You can also read our review of their service via this link! And also read an open interview on Pixsy, Copyright and Infringement from Founder Daniel Foster, here!

Image Rights

ImageRights is a pay to use copyright protection site, founded by a set of photographers, and designed to be user friendly in that environment. There is a free account, but it’s limited, and also a plugin for lightroom, if you use the application. Website here!


Google Reverse Image

Google Reverse Image is first and best known, and to most the starting point to finding images. You simply upload an image in their form and watch Google find any similar matches. It can be a little limited, but it can also allow image searches from a text string. Website here!


TinEye is very much like Google Reverse Images search, but seems to have a different set of results. They do offer a nifty contextual menu option, which can save time in the upload process. Website here!



Yandex is a Russian based image search site, that has options much the same as Image Raider, and starts by giving you those options of file type. It has a great interface that is very simple to use, and has different result recording to those of Google, TinEye, etc. Website here!