DMCA artistic license

Box TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

Box is a file sharing storage cloud site and service. There could be a chance that someone has used some of your work and or shared some your work via a link from a box account. If this is the case, Box does provide a service to allow you to claim your rights and request a takedown. Their online form can be found here!

The form is pretty straight forward and easy to complete. There is a simple contact section that also includes a required a “Requester’s Identity“. This simply means as it’s a possibility that the copyright holder is different to the person sending the form, this could be due to being an agent or representative, then the name of the person needs to be added here. Then there is a section for the “URLs of Offending Content“. It doesn’t state that they need to be on different lines or separated by commas, but to be safe, it’s advised to have on different lines, if there is more than one. These links are to the Box URL where the file is stored on their server. After this there is the need to justify your claim with a statement about your infringed work. This could be a description of the artwork and/or a URL to verify the publication of the works in a public domain. once this has all been done, you simply need to tick the boxes to verify the legitimacy of the claim, add your digital signature and do the formal reCaptcha puzzle before submitting the form. That’s about it for the submission. Good luck!