DMCA artistic license

Vimeo TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

Vimeo has a pretty simple DMCA take down complaints form to fill in. Their form is one small page of the basic information required. There is only one complication to the form found on run-through. The takedown form can be found here!

The only real thing to be aware of is the where the form is highlighted with an exclamation. It shouldn’t be an issue too much, as one would assume that you are sending in the form yourself, and not on the interest of someone else. However, if you are doing this for someone else and you select the radio button for that option, then a small pop-down section appears asking you to place the name of the person you are representing in the box. That’s about it, apart from the “comments about the infringing use“. You simply need to look at the terms used in this type of matter to add them in a description about the infringing activity, i.e: “The video uses artwork directly created by me, without any written permission, or remunerations for their use.” OK, good luck!


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