DMCA artistic license

Disney TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

Disney is very strong on anti-piracy, copyright infringement and licensing violations. So much so, they have a whole office dedicated to it. Saying that, their takedown process is not the best attempt at tackling the problem. Their takedown page is a simple notification of their seriousness to the problem and a set of contact details that can be used to send in anonymous complaints. The takedown form can be found here! If you simply want to instigate an email directly, click here!

The best approach to the way in which you handle this is to send in a direct email. In the email simply state that you have come across some images that violate their images in copyright and/or licensing terms and add links to this email, that direct them to the places where you found them. Here is an example of how one letter was set up:

“Dear Disney

A group of artists and photographers and myself are becoming more and more sad and disillusioned with the free market for art sales. We are members of certain websites, known as POD (Print on Demand), and as independent artists, try to make a living by selling our own original artworks and photography. We find more and more that each day that passes there are an increasing number of amateurs or unskilled individuals that simply find it easy to plagiarise, steal and copy existing artworks.
We as a group of hard working original artists would like to do something about this, as it’s our living at stake. One of the things we want to do, is reach out to concerned bodies to inform them of these violations.
Disney, being a popular and successful company, has been attacked in this manner.
Now, I am not aware if these POD sites have agreements or licenses with you to sell through these amateur copies, but if this is so, please inform us. If not, then please take a look at the links provided, as you will see that there are many possible infringements to your products, icons, and copyrighted materials.
As your anti piracy form states, you hold your work in high regard and quality and copies are an issue. Some of this, I hope you agree, is a defacing of the Disney name, as well as being illegal in the copyright law status.
I have included three examples from some sites as examples:
These are simple quick searches, and I hope you can understand if a more detailed search was performed, then it could reveal hundreds of violations.
I am hoping that this is of use to you. If you decide to move forward with any of these, I hope you can please keep my name confidential, as I have to sell my own original artwork on these sites, and would not like to get into trouble with their administration.
Thanks for your consideration.”