DMCA artistic license

GitHub TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

GitHub is a repository for developers of code and applications under the GPL. There is not much chance of finding people selling your artwork here, but you may find that they are using it within an application as art, or as even a profile image for the account. So, as like a great deal of services GitHub provides a DMCA policy. The take down process however, is not as easy as a helpful form that is auto submitted. Instead it is set up as a set of instructions that layout the procedure you need to take to get a successful takedown. The takedown form can be found here!

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The first section outlines the codes of use that it expects it’s users to participate in, and the legislative acts that do protect people seeking some conclusion to takedown procedures. This is then appended with a notification of what is required to get a takedown recognised by GitHub. This needs to be done in the form of an email. There are nine parts that your email needs to include to make a takedown request successful. This has been successful attempted and has worked out with a good takedown.

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Once you have read and understood all this, you simply need to send to the provided email address. There is no feedback to whether the takedown is successful, but it does work. Good luck!

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