DMCA artistic license

WeHeartIt TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

WeHeartIt is an online social media site that allows pinning of found items on a profile. Much the same way that Pinterest operates. search site. WeHeartIt seems very popular with the younger generation, that pins fashion and art based items they have found. Some of these items could be counterfeit products containing your artwork. They do provide a DMCA takedown form that is self contained in one page. If you do wish to proceed with this method, then you will need to fill out a DMCA document which can be found here!


The first section of the form involves setting a URL link to the item (pin) that you wish to put a complaint in about. This is simply done by clicking the image you found and copying the URL address from the URL field in your browser. Then you fill out the form with your contact and personal details, such as name, address etc. At this point it seems odd they don’t ask for a link or evidence of ownership on your part, but the final section at least legalises the process by the typical means of asking for validity in your claim.

Once those boxes are ticked, you add your digital signature and “Submit the Complaint“. That should be an end to the process and your item will be removed. In the case of a challenge they will contact you. Good luck!