DMCA artistic license

SketchFab TakeDown Process

step-by-step guide

SketchFab is a 3D model site where users can upload files to be sold/shared. You can easily have work copied and sold here, and/or have you artworks, textured used on the models. Regardless of how they might be used, the SketchFab team have set up information on how to get a takedown. It’s a little misleading, as at the top, it states to simply write to them with a copyright compliant about a model. Again, this is not a legal DMCA request, and they don’t really have to do much about it. Further down (and seen in the images below) is the section on DMCA. Again, it’s not as helpful as to provide a form, but does give the email address you have to send claims into. The requirements are standard, so it’s probably best to use the email form builder. That can be found here!. The takedown details can be found here! If you simply want to instigate an email directly, click here!

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