DMCA artistic license

Yearly Subscription Plan

unlimited DMCA form sending for one year

Enjoy all the automation and ease of sending DMCA takedowns via the Form Builder section of the site, for one full year (recurring) for only €30/$34, unlimited!

If you accept to join this program you are to be informed that misuse will result in disqualification of the service. You will need to be an account holder to sign up for the subscription.

Please not that the process of registering the account details to the forms can take upto 2 working days, so after registering and signing up for the subscription, please avoid using the forms until you have received a confirmation email stating payment has been accepted and you are clear to proceed.

You will need to be logged in and be a verified site user to use this form. There will be a two day set-up process to activate the service on all necessary forms. If you wish to continue follow the links to register or . Thanks for considering the service!


Sending DMCA forms to inappropriate targets, or misuse of the forms and your account are subject to termination. Only the registered account holder of the subscription is allowed to use the service under the signed agreement. DMCA forms are monitored, and any use of the single account by multiple artists will result in a suspension of the account.