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By February 22, 2016DarkSide
Tales chili

So, the truth of the matter is that I had been on BeHance a matter of one year. I was hoping that work commissions would come in quickly and deservedly. However, my mailbox remained empty. Then one day I received a message from a potential client, from Vietnam. They viewed and liked my Chili plant it seems. However, on further reading of the message I found out that they simply wanted me to send the file to them.

“Can u share this for me,please! Because i’m designing business cards, my customer very likes that plants!”

So, I emailed them to clarify the issue. They replied, saying the following.

“I no need to pay. Picture is finished. You send me the file.”

As you can gather, my first walk in the park of BeHance client relations was cut short.

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